Your vehicle your choice! Your insurance company may suggest a shop; however the final decision is always up to you, the customer. Ensure you choose a licensed and qualified auto body shop such as Mills Collision Repair Centre. We guarantee the work done on your vehicle, not the insurance company.

You are welcome to drive in for a free no obligation estimate or if you prefer you can book a time that suits you with our Customer service team 07 847 8399

As we are a preferred repairer for all major insurance companies , only one estimate is necessary. If your insurance company requires more information the assessor will let us know and we can provide them the information they require.

A claim number is assigned by your insurance company when you report your accident. Your claim number is the only information required to start your repair process. When making the claim let your insurance company know you would like to bring your car to Mills Collision, they will send all your information regarding the claim ready for your assessment.

You can either pay your insurance company your excess or pay directly to us.

Yes, we do offer loan cars, booking times may vary depending on availability so please let us know if you will require one as soon as possible.

Estimated repair time will be provided to you during the initial assessment. We understand the inconvenience of not having your vehicle and have an efficient repair process to minimise the repair time.

Your safety is paramount, you need to know that you are safe in your vehicle after its accident. Car accidents often seriously hinder the safety of the car’s exterior, our repair process follows exact specifications dictated by the manufacturer to ensure your level of safety is not compromised to give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is just as safe as it was before!

Mills Collision Repair Centre guarantees all of its workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle! We certify that your vehicle was repaired using the latest techniques and standards for safety and accuracy as recognized within the collision industry. Parts and material defects, if any, will be subject to the terms extended by the manufacturer. Please inquire for details. Paint Work Warranty: All paint work is backed by the PPG Warranty.